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State funds for the Antifa

In the whole of Germany and worldwide, antifascists are fighting against fascism and racism. They defend our constitutional rights on the streets, in front of refugee accommodations, in neighbourhoods shaped by migrant communities, in parliament and on the internet. Most members of the Antifa carry out this commitment on a voluntary basis. This applies yet again to Saxony. Saxony has become a nationwide synonym for every-day racist and xenophobic attacks. But instead of politics structurally strengthening democratic-, educational- and cultural projects, as well as subcultural free-spaces, budgets have been cut for decades.

Saxony needs the Antifa and the Antifa needs money. And so, we have taken the matter into our own hands.

We have transferred 10.000 € from state funds to the Antifa. For this we have acquired ten objects of importance to antifascism, which can be viewed in the exhibition Antifa – Myth & Truth from 15th August.

Saxony needs the Antifa and the Antifa needs money!

The exhibition Antifa – Myth & Truth counterposes the vilification and criminalisation of antifascism with its diversity and beauty.

Whether a spray can, a bill of indictment, a YPJ-flag or a shopping trolley – all ten objects tell stories of the fight for democracy and human rights, of the fight against racism. The true image of Antifascism is diversity and heterogeneity. There is no “The Antifa” or a single ideal of antifascism, but a multiplicity of different and in some cases competing ideas. Antifa – Myth & Truth presents ten of these ideas using concrete antifascist exhibits.

When we speak of antifascism, we are always also speaking of criminalisation and repression by the state. Politics, the police, intelligence services and the media deliberately reduce this diversity to the stereotype of the rioting stone thrower. Extremism theory, Horseshoe theory, and the party-inherent anticommunism of the CDU (conservative German Christian Party) place Antifas on the same level as violent neo-Nazis. It may well be that also in Saxony a car burns once in a while: Nevertheless, it is still always antifascists and antiracists who are defending an idea of democracy and human rights against all the Nazi and racist threats.

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Part of the festival “Gegenwarten | Presences”

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

Theaterplatz 1, 09111 Chemnitz

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Antifascist Auction!

On August 22, 2020 we auctioned off our ten exhibits. In total, more than 6700 Euros were collected for the AJZ Chemnitz!

Besides the auction there was a panel discussion with Paula Irmschler, Stephan Anpalagan and the Anti-fascist Youth Congress, afterwards Irmela Mensah-Schramm, Bernd Langer, the action alliance “NSU-Komplex auflösen! On YouTube you can watch the event and the auction.