Your display case

Germany, 15th August – 1st October 2020, prize competition

Are you in possession of Alexander Gauland’s stolen clothes or do you want to supplement the summer collection you started with the outfit of Hans-Georg Maaßen? Do you love graffiti battles on big canvases with the Hamburg Police? Do you want to donate a couple of cakes to the right-wing protests at the B96 and are generally of the opinion that Horst Seehofer could do with a “Black Lives matter” in front of his house in Ingolstadt?

We have reserved one display case for you! Send us photos or a video of your subversive, civil-disobedient or funny Antifascist action until the 1st October at 0 o’clock to With a bit of luck, you can win 1.000 € out of the German state treasury and your action-object will be shown in our exhibition!

Applications to:

Time period: 15th August- 1st October 2020 (0 o’clock)

Participation: With the exception of Nazis, racists, sexists, homo- and transphobes, anyone can participate in our prize competition. You can apply as a group, a collective, an association, an alliance or as an individual.

Conditions of participation: The action must have taken place in Germany in the mentioned period and must be actively engaged against fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or antifeminism. Only non-violent protests and actions will be admitted for participation in the competition. The actions detailed above are only examples.

Procedure: Initially you apply with just an expressive photo or video of you action. An internal jury will then select one action out of all the submitted actions. Your object will then be shown in the exhibition Antifa – Myth and Truth at the Kunstsammlungen (art museum Chemnitz).